Active Carry Tech Back Story

  Several years ago while working for a company that assembled pre-built "Get Home" and "Bug-Out" bags, I did some analysis of what our customers were buying outside the standard system. What I found is that more than 50% of our customers were upgrading their kits with hardware options (flashlight, folding/fixed blades, multitools),  and later trauma kits. Our trauma kit became a #1 seller with 2 of our resale partners. Naturally it made sense to offer kits with the options pre-installed with excellent, well recognized accessories. The intoduction of the SOG Specialty Edition hit the market and the reaction was tremendous in both the Get Home and Bug-out versions. It allowed our customers to get all the great fundamentals of the original kit, and at the same time upgrade their EDC in the process, a total win-win scenario. 

This attracted the attention of our friends at Customs and Border Patrol. They were training agents and medics in modern AS (Active Shooter) confrontation and casualty mitigation. After several conversations about their approach, we developed two different systems they put into play immediately. We went on to sell systems to the Alaska State Troopers, as well as the Secret Service. 

CBP came to Active Carry looking for the lightest field casualty kit for their medics. Having knowledge of their platform and their updates to operating procedures, we went to work. Within 72 hours of consultation we had a kit that exceeded expectations. We crushed what was being offered on the GSA buying platform and put exactly what was needed in their hands for critical response. Another win!

Several months ago, one of our original prototypes made its way into the hands of a fire captain at CalFire, Valyermo. Having a recent casualty out in the field, they saw the value in the compact nature of our Duty Kit. We were able to make a couple of tweaks and additions, and again, within 72 hours we had another build for agency responders. 

We are pleased and proud to make these kits available to EVERYONE! We encourage you to look at all of our kits and find the build that fits you...urban, rural, outdoor enthusiasts, EDC, professional responder. Active Carry is YOUR go-to peace of mind, no matter who you are...make your move!

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