Active Carry Technologies The Prep Medic Review

 We are excited to announce our first online reviews! The PrepMedic will be executing reviews of our Duty, Team Leader, and CBP Field Agent kits in a few days!

  We were hoping to put some video up ourselves rather than just have a bunch of glamour shots, giveaways and coupon codes to encourage people to up their Responder IQ. Now it was time to educate. We came across the PrepMedic on the Tube and really appreciated the no-nonsense approach that we think people want, not to mention the legitimacy as a field medic for his city's SWAT team. We reached out regarding the use of his videos on the site, and he graciously agreed. We then transitioned to a discussion regarding reviews, and he was willing to take time to do so! We sent him 3 kits; Duty, Team Leader, and the CBP Field Agent. We are looking forward to the reviews and they will be posted soon! Take a look at the PrepMedic's channel on YouTube or what we've posted and you'll see why were proud to have him taking a Reponder's look at our kits! 






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