Challenging Times-California Wildfires, Borderline Active Shooter

  It's been a challenging 72-96 hours here in California. The Wildfires still raging causing horrible circumstances for so many, and the tragedy at a nightclub. Things anywhere can escalate and get out of hand so quickly, our deepest sentiment and encouragement  is extended to our neighbors, responders and victims. 

When we started Active Carry, we had just come off building kits and consulting building Active Shooter kits for DHS, State Responders, and the Secret Service. Their platforms and procedures gave us direction for content that would provide them the best opportunity to survive and succeed in a pressurized, life or death situation. These men and women train for months and years to navigate these situations. 

But what about the everyday person who gets stuck in a difficult situation? What about those of us that get thrust into a life and death challenge? These tragic occurrences remind us all that we need those layers of redundancy, we need that peace of mind. We need a sillset. Responer IQ. We need to take that hour or two weekly to review our first aid techniques, supplies, and get a kit if we don't have one. The first 2-3 minutes of care administered to a threatening injury can be the difference. Start asking yourself who you want to be, and what you can do to put those around you in the best possible situation under the worst cicumstamces.

Please, when you visit our site, take your time, ask yourself some questions. The reason we partnered with Sam the Prep Medic is so you could see the kits broken out, but also hear someone who lives the life of a responder and his application of lifesaving tools. We honestly wish we could zap hundreds of our CalFire kits to those responding and living through the wildfire devastation. We wish we could have been there to administer treatment and perhaps saved a life in Malibu with our Tactical kits. But one thing we do know, preparation to save a life never gets old.

Again, our sincerest sympathies go to those enduring fires, as well as those that lost loved ones at Borderline.

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