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ar 15 pistol grip hollow all black
ar 15 hallow light weight pistol grip red
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Pistol Grip Hollow

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  Attach this pistol grip to your rifle for that one of a kind look. With all the competing products on the market today, grips shouldn't be over priced but this one is. It stands up to the price competing with its design. Advanced ultra lightweight pistol grip designed to keep the weight off the weapon system. Our grip has been field tested with outstanding reliability. If you are not happy with the rifle grip we will give you no cost to you refund. Ar-15 style attachable hand grip/pistol grip. Ultra light weight hollow 

  • Comfort with no slip 
  • Rifle pistol grip
  • Red, black 
  • Low profile
  • Easy install
  • Dependable and tested.  
  • Impact resistant polymer construction
  • Adjustable  
  • Clamps to any rail
  • Free returns, life time warranty