Walking Man Trekking Poles Gen 1


Walking Man Trekking Poles Gen 1

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  • Anti shock trekking poles are a great choice for everybody, from beginners to experts, children, teens, adults & seniors. Trekking poles can be an invaluable asset when hiking out in the wilderness, camping or if you just need a little extra support getting around the house or neighborhood! Our trekking poles versatile size means anybody from 3'6" up to 6'4" will have no problem using our poles.
    • Expand from 26.5" to 53.25"
    • Each pole weighs 12.4 Oz (With tips)
    • For people from 3'6" to 6'4"
    • Durable lightweight aluminum constructions
    • Twist lock locking mechanism
    • Rubber tips for pavement
    • Carbide tips for gravel, hard packed dirt or ice
    • Mud disc for sand, mud or snow
    • Comfortable ergonomic grips & wrist straps
    • Built in anti-shock feature (able to be disabled)

  • COMFORTABLE - Our trekking poles have been designed with a more ergonomic grip.The material allows the grips to be easily washed of sweat and dirt and the ergonomic design for less hand pain and more comfort on long hikes. The wrist strap is also extra wide with additional padding for even more comfort!
  • BEST FEATURES - The anti-shock spring in each walking pole helps reduce join pain with each pole placement. Each pole set comes with 4 rubber tips (2 for each pole) for using the poles on pavement or smooth rocks. They also have a built-in carbide tip for gravel, hard packed trails or ice. Each walking pole also comes equipped with an optional mud basket to help prevent the pole from sinking in sand, mud or snow.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Our hiking poles are made of lightweight 6061 aluminum weighing in at approximately 12.4 ounces per pole (with tips). While not the lightest hiking poles on the market, this aluminum choice allows us to offer our hiking gear at a much more reasonable price point allowing people of all backgrounds, from beginners to experts alike, to be able to enjoy the benefits of trekking poles!

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